Mitra N. Forouhar (sole practitioner)

Phone number
415 602 1864
Firm address
77 Van Ness Avenue, PMB 1319, San Francisco, CA 94102
Jurisdictions in which you practice
Practices in any jurisdiction other than California

I represent detransitioners seeking redress for the physical and psychological harms they have suffered.  I evaluate cases from a  number of different legal angles, e.g., malpractice, civil rights, fraud, which can afford different possibilities with respect to statutory time limitations.  Prior to delving into the legal aspects of detransitioners’ situation, I took the time to research the history, politics, and science of the transgender movement, which gives me deeper knowledge of the situation and makes more skilled in establishing relationships with this vulnerable group.  I am also active on the policy side aiming to increase legal protections for children and youth.

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