U.S. Detransitioner cases

Many individuals who have been injured by gender medicine have begun to seek compensation through the courts. As part of our mission to help end the abuses of affirmative gender medicine, Themis will make an effort here to keep a record of each of these ongoing lawsuits, whether or not we are involved in the cases in question.

CaseCase NoComplaintJurisdictionDateAttorneyFirm(s)PlaintiffDefendants
Ikechukwu Anumene v Permanente Medical Group et alCGC-22-598800linkCA-San Francisco Co2005-10-22Daniel WatkinsWatkins & LetofskyRichard Ikechukwu AnumenePermanente Medical Grp et al
Kiefel v Ruff;Keifel v OR Cosmetic22CV29327;
OR-Multnomah Co; Clackamas Co12-12-22; 2-28-24Candice Jackson; Benjamin Boyd, Zachary HostetterJackson Bone; Hostetter Law GroupCamille KiefelRuff, Brave Space, Project Quest et al; OR Cosmetic and Reconstructive Clinic
Chloe Cole v Kaiser PermanenteSTK-CV-UMM-2023-0001612https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/23693707/chloe-complaint-clean.pdfCA-San Joaquin Co2-22-23LiMandri, Dillon, TrammellCenter for American LibertyChloe ColeKaiser et al
Layla Jane v Kaiser Hospital FoundationlinkCA-San Joachin Co3-23Harmeet DhillonCenter for American Liberty“Layla Jane” Kayla LovdahlKaiser, et al
Mosely v Emerson, et al23CVS2375linkNC-Gaston Co7-17-23Josh PayneCampbell Miller PaynePrisha MoselyEmerson et al
Aldaco v Perry, et allinkTX-Tarrant Co7-21-23Ron MillerCampbell Miller PayneSoren AldacoPerry, Crane Clinic, TX Health Physicians Grp, et al
Hein v UNMC, et alD01CI230007381linkNB-Douglas Co9-13-23Mark Trammal, Charles S. LiMandri, Paul Jonna, Robert E. Weisenburger, Harmeet Dhillon, John-Paul Deol, Jesse D. Franklin-Murdock, Martin Cannon (Thomas More Society)Center for American Liberty, LIMANDRI & JONNA LLP and Dhillon Law GroupLuka HeinUNMC PHYSICIANS, THE NEBRASKA MEDICINE, NAHIA AMOURA, M.D., PERRY JOHNSON, M.D., STEPHAN BARRIENTOS, M.D., MEGAN SMITH-SALLANS
Shape Shifter v Fenway Healthhttps://mnf-law.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/ShapeShifter-v-Fenway.pdfMAMitra ForouharMNF lawShape ShifterFenway Health
Ayala v AAP, Rafferty, ForcierPC-2023-05428linkRI-Bristol Co10-20-23Jordan CampbellCampbell Miller PayneIsabelle AyalaAAP, Rafferty, Forcier,…
Ulery v Rafferty, Forcier, Thundermist HealthPC-2023-05366https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/ae9895b0-a62f-49d6-99d6-180b933bca97/Ulery%20-%20Amended%20Complaint%20filed.pdfRI-Bristol Co10-20-23Ron MillerCampbell Miller PayneLayton UleryAAP, Rafferty, Forcier