We connect detransitioned plaintiffs with attorneys and help them fund lawsuits for their injuries

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Have you been harmed by gender affirmative care?

As the “affirmative care” model continues in the US, many people are beginning to realize the extent of the harm that has been done by reckless, ideologically driven medical “care”.

Unfortunately, up to this point the providers of this “care” have operated with impunity, refusing to accept accountability for the damage to healthy bodies from prescribing puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and surgeries.

Maybe you’ve thought about pursuing a lawsuit, but it’s hard to find an attorney who will help you. And then it is difficult to raise funds to cover the legal expenses.

Themis Resource Fund is committed to the goal of helping end the enormous injury and injustice that is being caused by practitioners of gender medicine. We want to help plaintiffs end the wrongdoing. To do this, we connect detransitioned plaintiffs with attorneys who are committed to seeking some justice for them and help them fund their litigation.

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Are you an attorney who is looking to help detransitioners receive justice?

Themis Resource Fund is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to helping end the injury and injustice that have been committed in the name of gender medicine.

To do this, we connect injured detransitioned plaintiffs with attorneys and help fund their lawsuits.

We are seeking attorneys who are committed to the emotionally and legally challenging work of representing these vulnerable young persons. Screened attorneys will be added to our attorney directory, for potential plaintiffs to consider.

If you believe that you might be a good candidate to represent these plaintiffs in their pursuit of justice and in their desire to help stop the kind of careless medical practice that has profoundly injured them, we would be glad to discuss this with you.

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